Sunday, March 27, 2005

Digging in the Dirt

Not a lot of time to post but needed to vent. We spent Saturday at my mom's and Sunday at my sister-in-law's place. I know we all have stress in our life. My husband is by nature a great guy. My only gripe (at the moment) is that his initial reaction for circumstances that are beyond anyone's control is less than desirable. Case in point: The baby didn't nap at his sister's Easter celebration. This was probably due to a combination of the new surroundings, the noise from the living room where everyone was watching a basketball game, and the fact that, by hook or by crook, his mom was trying to get her to smile. Anyway, when I heard her crying 15 minutes after he took her into the bedroom, I innocently went in to help. Well, let's just say that he wasn't in the mood for my help and he felt that I was trying to "take over". FINE. I walk out and didn't say anything when he sheepishly followed 10 minutes later with baby in tow. Payback is a bitch. Dear hubby was closest to her when she started smelling a little "ripe" later that afternoon. I decided to heed his request not to interfere despite hearing the following comments from the bedroom; "Agghhh" "Please baby, don't do that" or, my personal favorite "Who's daddy's little girl" immediately followed by "Oh my God". Apparently the little princess had the mother of all bowel movements. HA!

There were multiple incidents throughout the day but that one was my favorite.


Anonymous Anonymous says...

oh man.. i hear you.. i have had to babysit someof my younger cousins many a time and whenthey blow the good ol diaper bomb on me its SUCH a struggle to maintain good relations with that same kid when he or she is like 12 years old long
theni laugh when THEY have the pleasure of such an experience ever..
HA! .. is right!!

Mon Mar 28, 12:24:00 AM CST  
Blogger Gamesmaster G9 says...

Hey, you live in Chicago too?

Mon Mar 28, 05:18:00 AM CST  
Blogger Vignesh says...

You evil non-diapper changing woman !

Yes, my granny cannot stop embarassing me about how they didn't have diapers when I was a baby and how I would walk all over the house and... you know... yeah... HA ! it is... :)

Tue Mar 29, 06:39:00 AM CST  

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