Wednesday, July 13, 2005

That's The Way Love Is

It is 12:08am and I am writing to you very buzzed. I actually feel fine less the small headache I feel coming on. The day started out pretty good. Went to bed late and woke up early but otherwise a pretty good day. After the kids had dinner, D and I decided to take them for a drive. We went to a beautiful rose garden not too far from us and had a nice time enjoying a perfect summer night (not too warm, not too cool). On the way home D and I proceed to get into an argument about driving. At one point he's not even paying attention to the road and nearly rear-ends the car in front of us. Anyway, the argument escalated to the point that neither of us were talking to each other. Well, at least I wasn't talking to D. Word of advice to anyone out there in blogland who may one day get into an argument with me. Give me some time. Anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes ought to assure that I've collected my thoughts and am ready to talk like a mature adult (or at least ought to assure that I won't take a swing at you). D has this habit of asking me a question and when I won't answer, he proceeds to go "what? Are you not talking to me?...Mint?...Mint?...are you just going to ignore me?...Mint? don't want to talk?..?...Mint?" Gee D, I would talk to you but I'm too busy trying to collect my fucking thoughts so I don't fucking yell and say things that I don't really mean! Anyway, my sister J happened to be in my vicinity picking up her wedding invitations so we decided to meet. One pitcher of margiritas later, here I am. D and I are fine. By the time I got home, all was forgotten. All I'm left with is a headache and the following pictures:

Margaritas and empanadas

The MintMix July05 CD cover had sequins decorations applied during a margarita induced stupor.

OK's 1:20 am and I'm off to bed.

Addendum: Now that I see Rat's professional cover, I almost feel like going back to the drawing board with my CD cover!


Blogger Anurag says...

Is this the place on Davis Street whose name I don't remember?

Wed Jul 13, 01:56:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Vignesh says...

You guys are really making this a tough act to follow !! I can't make CD covers ! I'm not artistic.. and I sure as hell don't have as cool a taste in music as you and Ratsy !!! :(

Ooh and nice nails by the way ;)

Wed Jul 13, 07:20:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Rat says...

Mint -First your photos of food made me feel very hungry at work.Now you display yummy alcoholic drinks !

Vignesh - Yeah, sorry your not as cool as mint and me :p !! Fool ! Just send the CD's now or your not getting these !

Wed Jul 13, 07:46:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Kafka on the Shore says...

hehe. you should definitely post more after you've had a few drinks. :)

Wed Jul 13, 09:52:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Mint Chutney says...

Anurag- No. it's Lupita's on Main Street. There are a few on Davis now.

Vig- Hey! Quit your whining and send that CD.

Rat - I have to say that the Margarita was REALLY good.

Kafka- Are my posts notably more interesting after I drink??

Wed Jul 13, 01:15:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Penny Lane says...

Haha... it only takes some alcohol to get us laughing again too! The food does look damn yum!

Wed Jul 13, 07:32:00 PM CDT  
Blogger vAgue says...

had this knowing feeling when you described your argument and the time you need. Won't say which side I sotra 'identified' with...:)

and the margarita: yumm....I must try and make some at home someday (yes, when poverty deserts me, that loyal friend)

Mon Jul 18, 10:56:00 AM CDT  

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