Tuesday, June 21, 2005

It seems I'm not alone at being alone

My cousin from London called me last night. Actually he has been living in Amsterdam for the past 4 years and working as a stock broker. This is the cousin who my dad insisted was a drug addict because he lives in Amsterdam. The odd thing is that we haven't spoken in about 10+ years but he acted as if he was returning my call from last week. He's 27 and sounds like he's doing well. He just moved into a flat by himself along the canal (all I kept think was red light district!) and was considering buying a house either in Amsterdam or London. He sounded so nice but I just couldn't help questioning why he called. It was 2 am in Amsterdam when he called and he said he had just gotten home from work. Also, I swore I heard him take a hit of a bong twice while we were chatting. He also seemed strangely protective of my sister J. "I need to come over and meet the geezer that's marrying my kid sister" he said. Umm...J is turning 26 this year and she has met him twice. And she doesn't remember either time. Now I can see if his sister had called me. She and I are only a few months apart and she's very cool. I think she has sort of stayed off the family radar since she got d-i-v-o-r-c-e-d. (That's the way my aunt says it. She either spells it out or whispers as if she's at a funeral). I heard the gamut of rumors pertaining to her from all my gossipmongering aunties. Everything from she was an alcoholic to he was using her free miles on British Airways (she worked there) to fly to see his girlfriend in India.

Anyway, D thinks I'm being too harsh regarding the phone call. Perhaps he is going through some sort of crisis and is reaching out to his family he said. Sure. The other option is that he was high as a 747 when he called and he didn't realize who the hell he was talking to.


Blogger Primalsoup says...

Ah, ha! The studly cousin is it?

I do think a lot of times, people have no motive whatsoever, yet we look for them. And once we look, we also find.

Oh, that made no sense at all. Lemme scoot.

Tue Jun 21, 09:28:00 PM CDT  
Blogger GettingThere says...

I dunno - I would give your cousin the benefit of doubt. Maybe he did want to get in touch with you. I mean, I sure can understand if someone fell off the radar for years and then suddenly tried to get in touch with me. I have this friend - we were very close during the school and college years, lost touch after that due to various reasons. I have been thinking of calling her up for a long time. If I do, it will be the first time in atleast 7-8 years. I have also been trying to track other friends of mine i lost touch with years ago. Maybe it is the same with your cousin...

Tue Jun 21, 09:31:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Mint Chutney says...

Soupy- Hopefully he'll come to the wedding so I can get to know him. I always prescreen the people I set up. : )

gettingthere- I agree with you except we've probably met all of 5 times in my life. 4 of those times was when I was between the ages of 3-8. With friends there is a bond that brings the desire to reconnect.

Tue Jun 21, 10:22:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Mint Chutney says...

The post also doesn't correctly reflect the oddness of the conversation. He was talking but he wasn't listening. He called to chat but he didn't ask me any questions.

Tue Jun 21, 10:30:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Kafka on the Shore says...

it does sound bizarre. maybe he just needed someone to talk to.

Tue Jun 21, 10:45:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Rat says...

Sounds very random !! But cousins can be like that sometimes !

Tue Jun 21, 11:28:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Vignesh says...

Hey ! I do that to my cousin sister all the time !! She's constantly complaining that I either sound drunk on the phone or sound high or both.

Sisters I tell ya !! :))

I tend to side with D on this one, he might have been going through something that needed that vaguely stranger-ish relationship to exist for a conversation, yet know that you are family...

Wed Jun 22, 12:30:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Pink says...

You're lucky to have that even if it's some random, drunk phonecall from a whats-his-name cousin. I haven't heard from my cousins in ages (family fallouts etc.) so I'm kinda craving for drunk phonecalls right now!

Wed Jun 22, 01:27:00 AM CDT  
Anonymous AB says...

Yeah lucky you. I haven't talked to my cousins in ages. One of them was my fav coz but thanks to family spats, we hardly talk. Plus he's in England. (Sigh) I really wish I could talk to him without any kind of hostile background

Wed Jun 22, 04:31:00 AM CDT  

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