Thursday, June 02, 2005

Baby I'm Amazed...

I'm back. New York was nice in a hectic, chaotic sort of way. My cousin from New Jersey picked us up at the airport. She and her family are hands down some of the nicest relatives we have. Her kids are SO sweet and beautiful and polite. Her boy is in high school and he plays the guitar so he and D bonded over music. Her girl is in college on the East Coast and is SO pretty but is one of those people who don't act like they know how pretty they are. Anyway, the weekend was long and full of pomp and circumstance and it made me realize just how amazing D is. He only complained about the traffic a few times otherwise he was so patient with all the waiting around and the traditional Indian events that seem to go on for-freaking-ever. The bride's brother came to the wedding and his mom was over the moon about it. He walked his mom down the isle and she was floating on cloud 9. The actually ceremony was long and D held the baby the entire time while people fawned over her and the boy. There were some cute guys and lots of pretty girls. The reception was long as the bridal party took a million pictures while the guests ate appetizers. There is no easy way to control 525 people in a room with appetizers set up against one wall. The bride and groom danced to Sade and then we had speeches and toasts that went on a little long but were all sweet in sentiment. They then played really, really loud bhangra remixes with a pulsating bass that the boy loved. When we left, I was sad that my dad had missed it all. That night, when my mom went back to the house with my aunt and uncle (the bride's parents), my dad called to find out all the details. My uncle and my dad were talking about how my cousin (bride's brother) came and did his part and both my uncle and my dad started crying. Everyone was stunned because my uncle always acts like a tough guy yet he was so emotional that his son came.

Anyway, here are a few vague pictures so you can get a feel for my weekend.

NY-Way in the distance, you can see the Brooklyn Bridge. Actually I have no idea which bridge it is.

the guys
The groomsmen at the rehearsal

The bridesmaids - (I'm related to one of them)

back shot
The back of my uncle, aunt and cousin. In front of them is my cousin, the bride.

hairstyle 1
I think I want to wear my hair like this for J's wedding.

The reception before the bride and groom were announced

The centerpieces were beautiful.

I can't imagine how much money was spent on this wedding. As fancy and extravagant as it was, I'm sure it's a little anticlimactic now that it's all over. My exciting plans for the weekend include having a yard sale and taking the boy to a movie.


Blogger Jay says...

I know it was New York and it was a Christian wedding, but that ceremony sounded (and looked) a lot more westernised than I imagined Indian weddings to be. Was there also a more traditional celebration?

For the Chinese, even if you have a church wedding, there'll ALWAYS be a more colourful Chinese wedding later, with tea ceremonies and all that.

Thu Jun 02, 07:22:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Mint Chutney says...

Hi Jay-
Although the wedding party was westernised, the nearly 2 hour ceremony was very tranditional (and mostly non-english). There were traditions both before and after the ceremony as well. The bride changed into a beautiful sari for the reception. I'll send you a picture.

Thu Jun 02, 07:43:00 PM CDT  
Blogger The Box says...

Definitely second Jay on Chinese weddings. In fact, the wedding dinner is often more important and it's really more for the parents who are eager to show off the new couple.

I've been to a Punjabi wedding and it as quite a bit like the one you described, though I can't tell if that's because it's stayed more traditional, or become more westernised.

Thu Jun 02, 11:04:00 PM CDT  
Blogger anumita says...

Beautiful pics and I am sure you had a great time! I agree, it is a little western.

Fri Jun 03, 12:23:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Grafxgurl says...

sigh.... i LOVE weddings@!!!
i JUST love them!!

ours last for 7 frigging days and at the end of it were all so pooped no one cares WHAT they do!!good grief!!
love the whole western -Indian wedding.. its such an awesome blend!!
so glad you had a great time!! :D

Fri Jun 03, 01:07:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Vignesh says...

whoa ! Neat wedding huh !!

Glad you had a nice time, good to have you back and all that...

Now about those bridesmaids... :))

Fri Jun 03, 04:07:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Vishnupriya says...

oh god!!! reminded myself that i havent been to an indian wedding in ages. i think i'm never going to get a chance to dress up in a sari, and i have such nice ones just kept for special occasions.

Sat Jun 04, 03:17:00 AM CDT  

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