Thursday, May 12, 2005

Closer to Fine

J asked (read begged) me to come with her and my parents today to look at invitations for her wedding in September. The only real chunk of time I had free was during lunch so J said she would treat us all to lunch (knowing that my father would never allow any of us to pay). J chose an Afghan restaurant near the printer who serves the best lemon chicken and basmati rice. We all had a pleasant lunch (more or less) and quickly drove off to the printer. Now, as her maid of honor (or her MOH as she now refers to me), J needed me to be there to act as a buffer between her and my dad. My dad does not handle stress well and tends to elevate most stressful situations to DEFCON-5. Lunch's main topic was how we all had to make sure our passport were ready for our trip in December. "When does you passport expire?" he asks. "I don't know, I'll have to look and..." He quickly cuts me off "You don't know...if you don't know, who's supposed to know?" Good God, not even the best lemon chicken in the world is worth having to sit through this lecture. I shoot J a dirty look and she shoots back a as-my-MOH-you're-supposed-to-go-through-this-with-me look. Anyway, at the printer J shows my parents the simple invitation she has in mind. My dad's focus quickly turns to the wording that appears on the sample. He wants their full address to appear in the body of the invitation. When J advises that's usually not the way it's done, my dad snaps that he's put on 2 weddings (me and my older sisters) and that's how they appeared. I calmly tell my dad that's not how my invitation was. " what you guys want." He then proceeds to sulk at the other end of the store while J, my mom and I pick out the invitations. AGGHHH!

My dad is a very loving man, but he is so immature when he doesn't get his way regardless of whether he's right or wrong. The wedding is 4 months away and I'm already sick of being the MOH.


Blogger GettingThere says...

I feel for you! Planning for a wedding (even if it is not your own) with your parents can really try your patience. I love my parents very much but I remember the months and days leading up to my wedding :D I must say one thing though - they were probably equally tired of my "bridezilla" ways:p

Thu May 12, 10:29:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Vignesh says...

Awww... aren't dads the best ?!?!?! :))

Fri May 13, 12:27:00 AM CDT  
Anonymous AB says...

Well if it's about weddings, my pa's behaving like a kid now. He's sulking cause I don't want to talk about a particular guy they have in mind for me. And I hate what I am doing to him now. Cutting him short when he calls.

Fri May 13, 01:43:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Jay says...

Mint, Your dad and my dad sound eerily similar. My dad's as close to a drama queen as a straight man can ever be. If he's not stressing, he's shouting. If he's gone quiet, that means he's sulking. -sigh-

ab: Are your parents just trying to matchmake you (like ALL parents do) or is this part of the arranged marriage culture I've heard about?

Fri May 13, 04:29:00 AM CDT  
Anonymous AB says...

Read my post today Jay. Tough times for me:(

Sat May 14, 02:33:00 AM CDT  

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