Thursday, April 14, 2005

Where the Streets Have No Name

I'm in San Diego and can I just say...Oh! My! Gawd! I have never in my life been at such a beautiful hotel. The resort is spread across a lush golf course. It has gorgeous gardens with tropical flowers and impeccable landscaping. It also has a world-renowned spa which I have made an appointment at for a facial/massage that will cost me an arm and a leg. I have to say I'm feeling a bit conflicted over the $ that I am about to spend. It's such a frivolous expense that I even left D a message telling him what it cost. The bathroom in my room is as big as some of our bedrooms at home. I wish I had my camera. I can't imagine what it feels like to be rich and have this be my standard for a vacation.

On the flight over, I sat in front of the cutest couple who had to be in their early 70's. When I walked on the plane, they were already seated with their hands intertwined. From the way they were talking, I could tell they found each other late in life. He was looking out the window as we passed the Colorado mountains and telling her stories of his youth climbing the high peaks. She said she hopes one day to see them in person with him. I miss that level of passion. Not only physical passion,but that emotional feeling of devoting your time, attention and feelings towards one person. D and I have lost some of that. I miss the attention we gave to each others conversation. The making of plans with no regard to how we would financially achieve it. The days where we couldn't go 10 minutes without touching each other. The glances we would give each other when we became spontaneously amorous. The passion that drips from 2 people who can't bear to be without each other. I miss that.


Blogger Vignesh says...

I wonder what inspired the name though..

Yup. That's the price you pay for stability. For assurance that, yes, this person is the one. For good. Time does that to every relationship, dont you agree ? And I dont know if that is necessarily a bad thing... its great fun when you find what you thought you had lost !!

Fri Apr 15, 03:14:00 AM CDT  
Blogger anumita says...

Lovely post. You write beautifully!

Fri Apr 15, 04:30:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Vishnupriya says...

i feel that physical passion completely blinds us to the other stuff. and thats why its when we are older, we have a better chance of finding someone with whom we have a meeting of the minds. but the price to pay is that we are no longer young then.

'do lafzon ki hai dil ki kahani, ya hai mohabbat ya hai javani'

Sat Apr 16, 03:27:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Mint Chutney says...

Vig- The title is a shout out to you.

It's not a bad thing as long as there is still that connection. Luckily that is there for me.

Anu- Thank you very much. I enjoy your blog as well.

Visnu- It's a catch 22 isn't it?

Sat Apr 16, 03:52:00 PM CDT  

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