Monday, April 11, 2005

Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes

Things that annoy me:

  1. My "boss" on my current project. She needs to get her medication regimen worked out because the mood swings are driving me crazy. I leave Wednesday to spend 3 days with her at a resort in California. Bartender, start pouring the drinks now and for the love of all things sacred, don't stop.
  2. Sequels/rip offs. The American version of The Office bites. Had there not been an original, the producers may have gotten away with such shotty writing. I'm old school. If it were up to me there would be no Terminator II or III, no Godfather III (although I kinda enjoyed II), no Lethal Weapon XI, no Die Hard XXIV. The main exceptions are the 3 original Star Wars (I refuse to even acknowledge the prequels) and the Indiana Jones Series, because Harrison Ford can do no wrong (on screen).
  3. Jane Fonda. I normally don't mind Jane but these days I can't turn around without seeing her mug all over the place hocking her new book. Jane, you're 70 years old and you were a hippie. Are we supposed to be shocked that you had group sex, did drugs, and developed an eating disorder?
  4. My Federal Express delivery guy. I either get or send a courier package everyday and clearly leave instructions that everything is waiting on the front porch. Nevertheless, the driver rings the doorbell, usually when I'm still in my pajamas, and tries to make small talk while obtaining my signature. This morning I didn't bother brushing my hair and had a horrendous case of bed head. I think I scared the daylights out of him when I answered the door. he he he
  5. My hair. I need my hair cut so bad but can't find an hour out of my work schedule to go get it done. Maybe if I wasn't spending time cruising everyone's blogs...

Things I like/love:

  1. My cousin is home from Iraq. He and I will never see eye-to-eye on the war but we're so thrilled he's back in one piece.
  2. My little sister will be home for good in 2 weeks. She's spent the last 8 years in school and I only get to see her in little chunks here and there. In a few weeks she'll be J, doctor of veterinary medicine. YEA!
  3. My dad's home from Kerala. He'll go back after J's wedding in September. I'm glad because my mom will have help and companionship. I feel bad for J who will be moving back home from May-September and will have to put up with my parent's quirkiness.

Recent movies I saw:

  1. 13 going on 30 - I love D with all my heart but if Jennifer Garner asked me to run off with her, I would seriously consider it. My sister saw Daredevil in the theater and during a scene with Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, she turned to her boyfriend and said "I don't know who I'm more hot for at this moment". She looks like she could kick your ass and have a pedicure-gossip session all in the same afternoon.
  2. Something’s Gotta Give - I actually liked this movie. (D says I'm a movie snob and won't give anything without subtitles a fair shake). The boy slept over at my parents on Saturday and the baby went to bed early. D had a craving for tandoori chicken and went to Devon Street (little India) to pick some up. We ate dinner while we watched the movie. I'm not usually a huge Keanu Reeves stalker but I found him hot in a subtle way in this picture. I'm Amanda Peet's age in the movie and there is no way I would have found Jack Nicholson remotely attractive.

My office is looking better. I'm almost ready to show you guys a picture.


Blogger couchpotato says...

Great blog; really spicy chutney, I must say;)

Mon Apr 11, 11:26:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Vignesh says...

Ahh.. Devon Street... Best chaat in the Americas !!

Guess you wont be hearing the doorbell from that FedEx boy again !! But then again, if its UPS, you might have to reconsider ;)

And never ever diss Die Hard, where I can hear it being dissed ;) The 1st and 3rd movies were classics. They messed up the second !! But you more than made up for it with Star Wards and Indy !!!

Junioooorrrr !!!

Sorry, got carried away there with Indy for a while.. heard they are making a new one though !!

Tue Apr 12, 12:16:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Primalsoup says...

Hehe, wonder how to work the boss's medication business. I would like to do the same for my clients!
I don't think there should have been a Terminator 1 to begin with! :)

Tue Apr 12, 01:07:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Mint Chutney says...

couch: Thanks...

vig: Die Hard XI is coming out this year. blah! They're still in preproduction for Indiana Jones IV. At one point M. Night Shyamalan was slated as the screenwriter but it didn't pan out.

Bug: I thought Terminator 1 was a great love story. "I traveled across time for you, Sara" I love that line.

Tue Apr 12, 12:42:00 PM CDT  

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