Monday, January 30, 2006

Our house, in the middle of our street.

Oh Pandora..why must you f- -k with me? Cher?? What in all of my musical choices made you think that I wanted to listen to Cher?? I let Celine Dion singing River Deep Mountain High slide because you must have thought River Deep Mountain High= Ike and Tina Turner=solo Tina Turner= old school Areatha Franklin which I love. But Cher??? You're just toying with me and like a 6th grade crush I know you mess with me cos you like me. But Cher??


To show you that I'm serious about letting you into The Inner Sanctum of Mint (TISOM) this week, I thought I would start by showing you my favorite room in the house. As a little digression; We were living in a 1 bedroom condo when I got pregnant with the Boy. I affectionately say I got knocked up because we were married and technically you don't get "knocked up" if there is legal documentation that practically requires you to share a bathroom with someone. The condo was ok for a young married couple. We had a life hence we weren't really bothered by the 70 year old Russian couple who lived next door and proceeded to get into heated yelling matches from time to time. (Although none of that was as freaky as the time we heard them make up. My ears still burn thinking of it). We knew we wanted to stay in the general vicinity and knew what our price limit was. We happened to see the ad in the paper for this house that was being sold by owner and decided to stop by the open house on a cold Sunday in December. We had spent the previous few weeks trudging to different houses. The nice ones were well above our price range and those we could afford looked like crap. (Ads that said "Needs some updating" usually meant that indoor plumbing was not included). We pulled up to the house andtried not to get too excited. The front exterior was brick and the backyard was a dream come true for D who immediately envisioned the garden of his dreams. We took a deep breath and was blown away with how cute the house looked. This was a visual illusion that is known as "staging". There are even TV shows now based soley on how to stage your house to sell. The color of the walls hid the cracks and the heat from the people milling around disguised the fact that the windows protected you from the cold as well as a piece of paper did. But something about the house touched our spirit. The sellers were a young couple with 2 kids who were buying a bigger house around the corner. In the end we bought it and I can honestly say I've never regretted it until...

I'm pregnant with the Girl. We now realize the third bedroom doesn't sustain heat very well and it's pretty small. Because we love the area we live in we decide that we'll build a master bedroom and bathroom upstairs. Countless delays and cost increases later we come upon my favorite room in the house. The bedroom has high lofted ceilings (something I love). If I had to think of 2 earthly possessions that I can't live without, they both happen to be found in this room. Drum role please......

Earthly Possession #1:The chair
The chair
I've always dreamed of having a big overstuffed chair in my bedroom. It makes me feel all grown up. The chenille blanket is supposed to look like it was just thrown there without a thought but the truth is I spent like 5 minutes trying to get it to look right for the picture.

The Balcony
Out to balcony
D really wanted a balcony to sit out on and enjoy quiet mornings with a cup of fresh brewed coffee. The truth of the matter is that we have 2 kids and most of the time they're awake before us so ain't no quiet to be found. AND even though I don't mind it so much now, the balcony ended up eating into my closet space which I didn't realize until they put the drywall up. I told D if we ever run out of closet space it's HIS clothes that are going out on his beloved balcony.

The comforter (aka duvet or bedspread)
The bed
The pattern on the comforter is meant to look like patchwork saris but it cost a lot of money cos we have a queen size bed. America likes to "ethnisize" things and then charge ridiculous amounts of money for it. How do people with king size beds afford sheets?? I liked the color of the wall until I bought the comforter and then I realized the color needed to be a shade more sage green. Because of the delays in construction, D had to hurry and paint the room while I was still in the hospital recovering from the Girl's c-section. I tried to suggest that we change the paint color but he just shots me a look. Apparently he's willing to live with the wall color not matching the bedspread. *rolls eyes*

Earthly possession #2: The ceiling fan
The best ceiling fan on the entire planet
Not to start any rumors but, I'm easy. It doesn't take a lot to make me happy. This ceiling fan was expensive it came with a promise that you couldn't hear it even on the highest setting. I'm a fairly light sleeper so a noisy ceiling fan may ruin my entire night. When it was first installed, D and I laid on the bed with our eyes closed and just enjoyed this fan for hours . When I die, I'm having this fan buried with me.

BTW, the multiple doors you see are; the door out to the stairs (far right), a linen closet, and to the far left is the bathroom with a walk-in closet.

Well that's it. We're living the American dream by living in debt. By the time we pay off the house, the kids will be out of university. I look forward to them bringing their respective boyfriend/girlfriends to the house for D to mercilessly mock.


Anonymous Anonymous says...

That is some place you got there! And men - sacrificing closet space for a balcony...Hmmph!

Is that a view of the sea that I spy from the balcony btw?

Judging by the size of your house, I am guessing you live further north...I am in Evanston but more in the heart of the city.

thanks for the daily dose!

- The Evanstonienne

Mon Jan 30, 06:28:00 PM CST  
Blogger The Box says...

Honestly, I have never been able to envision green walls working. Then I saw yours. Wow. Huh. How nice to be wrong.

Mon Jan 30, 07:28:00 PM CST  
Anonymous lavi says...

So pretty... I love the view from your windows!

Mon Jan 30, 10:43:00 PM CST  
Blogger Jay says...

You plan to be buried with your ceiling fan? Good. Way I see it, you'll only need it if you end up going down there, which is most likely where I'll be too when I die. Wanna share a flat with me?

You can bring that chair as well - I think it's nice.

Mon Jan 30, 11:17:00 PM CST  
Blogger Wandernut says...

Love the balcony.
And the bedsheet with not-green-enuff walls.

Lovely home Mint.

Now I know WHERE you get some action. Bwahahahaha.

Tue Jan 31, 02:29:00 AM CST  
Blogger Jane Sunshine says...

Nice room Mint. Looks like lots of sweat and tears have gone here. I think you've added in bits of your personality in the decor which is nice. And we all need 'our overstuffed chair' at a certain age. I've always dreamed of a balinese basin in the bathroom and that's what I included when we did up the bathroom. I'll try to post a pix about this!

I've just moved and really the travails of re-doing and re-decorating is one mad, mad journey. My house is still work-in-progress though.

Tue Jan 31, 04:58:00 AM CST  

"We're living the American dream by living in debt." Honey, most people are doing the exact same thing as you are. I often tell people, "I don't live in New York, I *starve* in New York."

By the way, your place looks absolutely ADORABLE!!! Very cute.

Tue Jan 31, 06:22:00 AM CST  
Blogger Mint Chutney says...

Evanstonienne - The balcony overlooks our yard as well as the neighbors. We're in a strange area that straddles North Ev. I grew up in this city so I have very fond memories of downtown. Are you by the post office?

Boxie - Sage green is very relaxing. So is mint green. : )

Lavi - The big windows were D's idea and I love them.

Jay - Do you put clothes on the floor?? If so it would never work between us babe...even down there. (The chair is from Pier One and is SO comfy)

Nutty - LOL! If by action you mean 6-9 hours of sleep then yes, this is where the action is. ; )

Jane - I refuse to move again. Also, we moved in years ago and it's still a work in progress.

Stolie - Thanks! I don't know how anyone can afford to live in NY. The rent is SO high for the amount of space you get. I have to admit that I had a little panic attack when we signed the papers for a 30 year mortgage.

Tue Jan 31, 01:45:00 PM CST  

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