Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I'm going to Disneyland

Greetings from Disneyland.

With the wedding and all I forgotten that I had to be in California this week for a business trip. As we speak I'm typing from my hotel room in Disneyland. My job can get pretty intense and pressure-driven (as with all our jobs). Fortunately the company is pretty cool and meetings like these make me forget, albeit temporarily, that I have a deskful of paperwork waiting for me at home. Yesterday we spent 3 hours on a scavenger hunt through Disney's Grand Californian Amusement Park. Some people became very competitive and could be heard yelling "We need Goofy's autograph for 10 points!" as they pushed young children out of the way. The meeting is for the management group of the company and there are about 40 of us all together. It never ceases to amaze me that people drink heavily at official work functions.

Before I forget, special thanks to Vignesh for my latest CD from the exchange. It had a very nice mixture of songs including some James and Rufus Wainwright. Grove Armada will forever make me think of Em. As a very sweet gesture he put a special song on for The Girl. Things have been crazy so I have not had a chance to properly thank him blog-style. Thanks Viggie!

It's been a while since I've written. My cousin ended up staying until Sunday. Luckily she still gets free flights from her former job and had no problem changing her stand-by status. It was sad to see her go as we've gotten really close over the past week. Friday we ended up going out and had a fantastic time. I drank too much and didn't go to bed until about 2:30am. I called my cousin when the kids got up at 7am (which is "sleeping in" for them) because if I had to be up, well dammit she better be awake too. I went out with her almost every night she was here and my liver has not seen this much activity since New Year's Eve 1998. If she can get the time off she will join us in India in December.

I need to get to my meeting but before I go:
  • I called the lovely Ms Rat for her birthday. I cracked up when she said "Oh my gawd, you do sound American!" From the pictures she sent me I can officially confirm that a good time was had by all.
  • My other cousin from London (who is actually the daughter of a family friend) developed quite the crush on D while she was here. She was quite bold and at one point told me that he was "her type." Granted D is amazing with the kids and it's so cute to see how he fawns over the Girl but I felt it was odd to tell me (in detail and without provocation) how into my husband she was. Mr Oblivious never noticed.
  • This hotel is amazing.
  • I'm on a bit of a Disney overload. My 6am wake-up call was a recording from Mickey Mouse that left me confused. I was so sleepy I kept trying to have a conversation with him.
  • I haven't been to the gym in 2 weeks. I think I've always been a bit lazy but I've recently taken laziness to a new low.
  • In October, D is going to New York for the weekend with his mom and 2 sisters. The last time the 4 of them were together on a trip was when they had to go bring D's brother's remains back after he suddenly passed away. They vowed they would go somewhere again on a less morbid occassion.
  • J and R are back from their honeymoon.



Blogger GettingThere says...

Yipeeeeee! The first one to comment :) A comment to post this long needs to be itemized -

1. Good to know you are having a nice time at DisneyLand while we are slogging away at work :P

2. Even I am amazed at how much can people drink at office work functions (specially when the booze is free).

3. Amazed at how fixated people can become at winning even a silly game.

4. Good for you, you have Mr. Oblivious :D My husband's first cousin told me (last year, when she was visiting us) that if he weren't her cousin, she would have snatched him from me :O (As if).

5. Vig included a song specially for The Girl? How cute! I thought men didn't even know to do things like that :D

6. LOL about your conversation with MM!

7. Good to know D is coming to visit us! Was very sad to read about their last tip together though. I don't know what could be more painful.

Tue Sep 27, 09:47:00 AM CDT  
Blogger GettingThere says...


Tue Sep 27, 09:48:00 AM CDT  
Blogger The Box says...

They sent you to Disneyland? Kewl!

This reminds me about that year when my company sent me'll come...

Tue Sep 27, 10:07:00 AM CDT  
Blogger eM says...

(First) "I see you baby, shaking that ass, shaking that ass, shaking that ass..." :)

(Second) You get to go to DISNEYLAND for WORK? Okay, I'm officially not talking to you anymore!

Tue Sep 27, 01:32:00 PM CDT  
Blogger D says...

- disneyland for work??? what kind of a job is this that you do my friend?
- overactive liver is great! skipping gym is not. i am tempted to play hookey today ;)
- 7am is sleeping late for the kids???? ohmygod - how do you have any late nights?
- am sorry about D's brother.

Tue Sep 27, 09:41:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Rat says...

After waiting for a week from a Mint Update this was worth it. You should have swatted your cousin on her head. ( Not the nice cousin , the one who has a crush on D)

Tue Sep 27, 11:44:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Vignesh says...

Hey @ GettingThere ! Meanie ! :))

Mostly welcomes Minty !! As EVERYONE has said, we must do this again ! My CD cover desin skillzzzz are coming along nicely, just done up a cover for a friends bday mix ! Woohoo !

Wed Sep 28, 01:47:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Wandernut says...

Where's your Mickey ears?

:) Glad you're having fun!

And was that 'cousin' of yours drunk?

Wed Sep 28, 10:36:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Mint Chutney says...

Cee: Good thing for you they're cousins, huh?

Box: I'd be careful asking your company where they want you to go. You might not want to know the answer. : )

eM: Shaking that ass...shaking that ass..

D: Late nights is such a relative term. I am such a night owl and D is much more of a morning person. I knew thid would come in handy one day.

Rat: She confused (and scared me). SHe also waited to tell me this for my last phone conversation before she went to the airport.

Vig: Yes...we should do it again for December.

Wander: Not when she was talking with me although I heard she was drunk at the after-party and described his blue eyes in detail to my sister M. M told her that he may be her type but she was definitely not his type. Meow!

Wed Sep 28, 08:46:00 PM CDT  
Blogger shakester says...

Hee hee. I’m such a night person too…
So what work exactly were you guys getting at done at Disneyland again?

Wed Sep 28, 11:08:00 PM CDT  

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