Sunday, April 09, 2006

If you'll be my bodyguard, I can be your long last pal.

Thanks so much for all the good thoughts for my mom. She's doing well.


There are a lot of theories why Daylight Savings Time was created. Some say it's so you aren't going to work in the pitch dark of winter. Some say it's because of farmers and milk production. While I'm not sure of the exact genesis of Daylight Savings I can tell you one thing about its originators; they sure as hell didn't have little kids. Don't get me wrong. *I* love the bright sunshine at 6:30 am and the bright sunshine at 7pm. However, the kids want proof of night before they submit to slumber. I feel like I'm in an old Dracula movie when I cover every inch of window in the girl's room with curtains and blankets lest a sliver of light comes in.


D and I saw Thank You For Smoking and we LOVED it. Aaron Eckhardt is wonderful as a Big Tobacco lobbyist whose job requires "a certain moral flexibility." The screenplay was written and directed by Jason Reitman and it is wonderful.


The weekend's been fairly low-key because I have an awful cold. Between the change in weather and the germs the kids bring home I haven't been able to shake it. My voice would sound really sexy were it not for the hacking cough punctuating each sentence.

The Boy started Little League (baseball) and D is one of the coaches. If the Boy continues to play in this league he will eventually be on a team called The Indians. Alanis Morrisette would have a field day with that one.

D and I met with a financial planner this week and he said one of the priorities is for us to make a Will and decide on custody of the kids if something horrible were to happen to both of us. We are lucky that have so many family members on both sides that would be happy to take them. Our parents are both older so I don't think that would be a good long-term solution. I have an an aunt and uncle who adore them and were never able to have kids of their own but they are SO overprotective. Also, they are unable to ever say "no" to the kids. Now that J is married, she may be a good choice although being a parent would mean she would have to do dishes more often than once a week. Something to think about.

Ugh. The Girl just woke up from her nap. She only slept for 20 minutes. DAMN YOU SUN!


Blogger Beks says...

I love Paul Simon. Tell me, is it a mom thing that you claim to like sunshine at 6.30 am? All, or next to all the mothers I know are always extolling the virtues of a good morning!The main virtue being that they're kid free I suspect...

Sun Apr 09, 10:59:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Sue says...

Make sure you ask whoever you choose whether they're really comfortable with it. Me, I'd never mind taking charge of kids, but I know plenty of folks who would.

Mon Apr 10, 07:42:00 AM CDT  

I'm slated to take of my sister's 2 boys, my nephews, should anything ever happen to my sister and her husband. I've never seen the movie Raising Helen but, judging from the trailers, my guess is that the situation would be a browner version of that plotline (i.e. big city single woman has to adapt life).

Mon Apr 10, 08:07:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Jay says...

Bright sunshine at 6.30am? Try bright sunshine at 4.30am. Most nights, that's before I'm even IN bed.

I've got a gigantic blanket on top of my curtains to help block out as much nasty sunlight as possible and create that lovely tomb-like environment.

Mon Apr 10, 12:33:00 PM CDT  
Blogger shakester says...

financial planning....seems like a distant myth to me right now

Tue Apr 11, 12:46:00 AM CDT  
Blogger The Box says...

" make a Will and decide on custody of the kids if something horrible were to happen to both of us..."


Tue Apr 11, 12:47:00 AM CDT  
Blogger that girl in pink says...

i love my niece and nephew and i recently found out that my husband and i were the unofficial nominees to take care of them in case of the unforeseen!!

(panic attack)

good luck with the hunt. make sure you ask the couple first. :-)

Tue Apr 11, 01:31:00 PM CDT  
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