Tuesday, July 11, 2006

In a big country dreams stay with you like a lover's voice fires the mountainside.

Wow. This blog sure is dusty. I'm writing after a little blog break and a four day holiday so this post is sure to have run-on sentences and tangents.

It was the independence day holiday last week and in addition to the town parade, we took the kids to see the fireworks spectacular. D found this spot that was far enough from the crowds but close to where the fireworks were launched. We were so close that I strained my neck looking up as the colorful explosions lit up the night sky. The night was a little cool with a gentle breeze off the lake and I loved snuggling with the kids under the blanket.

Here are some pics from the parade:

Here's a marching band playing Pinball Wizard by The Who. I'm sure the Founding Fathers of this nation are rolling over in their graves.

Bolivian dancers

Filipino dancers

Scottish bagpipers. There's a Pavlovian response in which I choke up as soon as I hear live bagpipes. I'm not sure why it happens but I always fight back tears. I went through a whole box if tissue watching Braveheart.

Here's a float with a bunch of old white guys dressed up as Chinese men. D and I shot each other a look when we saw it.

Before the Bush Administration comments about how many immigrants they let participate in our 4th of July celebration I present for you this thing.
It scared the bejeezus out of the Girl.

Speaking of, the kids are now a whole year older and it's pretty amazing. Last weekend I was looking at some old pictures of my parents and it really got me thinking about the sacrifices they made. When my mom was my age, she left India alone in search for a new life for us in America. When she left my sister and I were the exact ages that my kids are now. I don't think I could do it. Perhaps for the right opportunity I would consider leaving my family (parents, sisters, aunts/uncles, cousins) and friends behind but I sure as hell couldn't leave D and the kids. People talk about the immigrant spirit and I so get it.

Life is rocking along. Work is super busy but good. I just found out that I'm going to Brazil the week of August 21st. I know I should be thinking of things like what cultural things can I see while I'm there and how I should research the local cuisine and such but all I can think is "I've got a month to fit mt fat ass back into my favorite pair of jeans." Of course things may not work out and the pharmaceutical company that I'm working for will pull the drug I'm studying in which case I'll spend the week of August 21st updating my CV in my bathrobe. Life always keeps you in your toes.

D, the kids, and I are driving to Michigan tomorrow. Friends of ours rented a beach house and invited us to stay with them for the week. This is truly the first real vacation we've had since our honeymoon. India in December was nice but it doesn't really count as a true vacation if you're only able to spend 17.5 minutes at each aunt's house before the next stop. The biggest decision I plan on making this week is which pair of flip flops should I wear.

I leave you with a few more pictures.
All my children
All my kids.

Guess who got a birthday princess outfit and crown from her Aunt Sue? (She kinda looks a little disheveled like she just came home from a rave).

The princess and her loyal subject
Guess who refused to take her crown off for 4 days?