Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Honey & The Moon

Yesterday I received my CD package from Penny Lane all the way from Melbourne Australia. Holy moly!!

Penny Lane

I'll start by saying the package contained a wonderful item call Tim Tam biscuits which Penny explains are like an Australian cultural icon. Um..Minty had hit a rough patch when this package arrived and before I knew it, I polished off half the pack of Tim Tams. Man, they're damn good. When D came home, I gave him the package and said "Make sure I don't eat any more of these" which he gladly complied with. There are also chocolates in the shape of Freddo Frogs which is like some national mascot or something. I could care less what shape my chocolate comes in; animal, vegetable, mineral, etc. As long as there's chocolate in it, I'm good. Don't worry Penny, I'm sharing with everyone.

Also enclosed are a cool boomerang magnet and 2 postcards which are all on my fridge now.

In addition to a wonderful CD (with yet another prosessional cover) was something that floored me. Penny made a book that listed every song on the CD along with their album cover and lyrics. The Essential Lyrics Guide to Penny Lane Compilations Cut 1 is priceless and something I will keep forever. The CD has been playing nonstop since it arrived. I will let Penny share the song list with you on her site.

Thank you Miss Penny Lane. You really, really, really made my day!

Monday, August 29, 2005

Pressure Drop

To My Dearest, Craziest Project Manager-

For the life of me, I just can't figure you out. One day you shoot off e-mails that are so rude and demeaning and the next you act as if we are all your best friends. Your mood swings are disconcerting. When I see your name appear on the caller ID, I cringe. Sometimes I pick up..sometimes I don't. I'm glad that you are supportive of me in this whole system validation issue. I know little about computers and we did the best we could given we had no training. But the e-mails you are sending??? Must you be so snappy with people. Don't you realize the power of words, especially when they are read by people who have had to deal with your tone on teleconferences?

I'll tell you a secret. The team calls me...a lot. When they should be running things by you, they are telling me instead. Why? Because when people run into a problem, they are looking for support in fixing it. They are not looking for someone to question their intentions or capabilities. Sometimes I do nothing but listen with a sympathetic ear and then advise them to call you. Most daily phone calls I deal with are the carnage from interactions with you. Ed called this morning and was extremely upset by your last conversation with him. Deep down I think you enjoy bringing an extremely intelligent 35 year old man to the brink of tears.

I realize that you graduated Magna Cum Laude from the school of micromanagement but with all due respect, BACK OFF. I know I give this job too much space in my life. I make myself readily available to 5 different time zones. I am willing to make the sacrifice so I can work from home and be closer to my family. And Yes, I realize that instead of dealing with you, I'm sending this e-mail to the anonymity of cyberspace. I feel better that the words are out there, regardless if they every reach you.


Mint Chutney