Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Alive and Kicking

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8 things I'm proud of...

  1. My marriage: : : 11 years with the same person is not always easy. We love, we laugh, we fight, we laugh some more. Bottom line is that D is the nicest husband and father that I know and he makes my job as his life partner that much easier.
  2. My children::: What can I say. They drive me nuts and then they make me melt. Of course I'm proud that the Boy hit a home run in last night's baseball game and the Girl impressed her grandma by practically writing her full name at the age of 3. However I'm more proud that they hug their grandparents and ammechi and appachan every time they see them. I'm more proud that the Boy gave his entire lunch to his classmate who forgot his. I'm more proud that the Girl wants to share her dolls with the "babies that don't have none". There's a world beyond their suburban existence and I'm most proud that my children realize that.
  3. My career::: It's funny when a job turns into a career. I make a good living. If, God-forbid, something happened tomorrow I know I will stand on my own 2 feet.
  4. My boss::: She stood up for me and every other person in the company that has a life outside of this job.
  5. My older sister::: She's going to succeed on her terms and I'm so proud of her for that.
  6. The new me::: I reached a breaking point somewhat recently and it caused me to make some changes for a better me; a healthier, happier me. My ass will no longer need its own postal code.
  7. The one that got away::: I think of him fondly though rarely. I would have become someone else for him in exchange for a glamorous life and I'm proud that I didn't allow that to happen. Besides, nothing is more glamorous than 4 loads of laundry.
  8. My ability to name songs from the 80's within 5 notes. It's a gift really. I'm the Rain Man of 80's music. Please don't test me for you'll only embarrass yourself.



Thursday, June 14, 2007

I lay smiling like our sleeping children..

*Naked As We Came by Iron and Wine

Summers here and the weather is gorgeous. The warm days and cools nights are picture perfect. The kids practically live outside evidenced by their tans.

So this past weekend the kids slept over my parent's place. I remember when the Boy first slept over there we were so worried he would forget us in the 15 hours we were away from him (10 of which he was asleep). I used to call my parents and ask "Is he OK?' "Is he asking for us?" "Shall we come pick him up?" to which my father would promptly threaten a restraining order and hang up. These days I'm not sure if it's the foreign feeling of solitude or the fact we're too busy trying to pack 3-days worth of activity in 1 night to even call over to check on them. When we have called the kids sound happy to say a quick "Hi...love ya...see you in the morning" and run back to their mountain of sweets and unlimited TV. The truth is the kids enjoy their mini-holiday as much as we do. I barely have my shoes off at my parent's house when the Girl says "Bye Mom...see ya tomorrow". OH-Kay. To make myself feel better I'm pleased that the kids are so secure with our families that there's no need for theatrics. That being said a little sob would have been nice for my ego.

Anyway D took me for sushi and the movie of my choice. D's only requirement was no subtitles. We saw Once about the week long relationship between an Irish street musician and a Czech immigrant. It takes place in Dublin which fulfilled the no subtitles rule but D still complained he couldn't understand the actors sometimes. WTF? It's YOUR people. If I can understand them you sure the heck should be able to.

When we got home I did something I haven't done in ages. I slept naked. This isn't a sexual comment. All the parents out there know that once kids enter your life the naked moments are few and far between. I slept naked AND with the door wide open which is unheard of. I felt like an adult. Of course I couldn't wait to see the kids in the morning and have them kiss me and cling to me. They're SO worth giving up nudity for.

We've been teaching the Girl about personal space. During the initial potty training phase a few months ago it was common for us to put her on the toilet and clap wildly when she did her business. She in return would clap and say "good job mom" when I went potty. Now that she's a pro we're teaching her that people need privacy. Yesterday she announced that she had to go potty and promptly went upstairs to the bathroom. When the Boy followed her to brush his teeth she loudly announced "No Boy! I need priva-seat". Like Pavlov's dog I now find it difficult to pee without clapping.

The kids birthdays are coming up over the next 2 weeks. The Boy and Girl are 4 years apart almost to the day. One day they'll be all grown up and trying to find time for their blogs. Until then....



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