Thursday, November 16, 2006

Time after time

When I said "I'll post tomorrow..." in my last post I didn't actually mean tomorrow. It's sorta like when you say "see you later". Later can be anywhere from 10 minutes to 10 years and beyond.

Work? Totally kicking my ass. Lots of great experience but in a "is the stress worth my hair falling out?" sort of way. One day people will take this medication without fear of growing a third nipple thanks to our team. Of course the company can always take the "third nipple" factor and market it for people in freak shows (or mothers of triplets).

I'm back in California in December and I'm hoping things will be more low key at that point. I love December in California. Do you know some people actually wear shorts for Christmas? Shorts? I'm a Chicago girl. Christmas means windchill and snowplows and, on special occasions, frostbite. For years New Year's Eve meant standing outside a club waiting to be carded while you lost all feeling in your toes because you're wearing your new pointy toe heels.

Lots of stories but too little time at the moment.


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sweet dreams are made of these. Who am I to disagree.

I'm headed out for the biggest meeting for my project and possibly my career (so far). As stressed as I've been the past few weeks I'm oddly at peace this morning. It's a strange sort of eerie peace that is sorta freaking me out considering I'm on a flight in an hour. The Boy and Girl covered me with hugs and kisses before they left for school. D whispered hurried home as he hugged me. The Democrats have control of the House and possibly the Senate (tied 49 to 49 as of 10 minutes ago). Life is good.

I'll write from sunny California tomorrow.

Friday, November 03, 2006

But I just can't convince myself I couldn't live with no one else

Is making a post out of answering comments really lame? Yes? *groans* I'm such a lazy blogger. (Quickly, the curls are from D's side of the family). : )

Today I received a postcard from the fabulous D and Shakey who recently got back from a holiday in Thailand. (Thank you guys so very, very much) . I've thought before about which bloggers would be cool to have as neighbors and they're definitely in my top 5. I need people who get D's and my sense of humor. People who I would feel ok with rummaging though my cabinets for cereal at random times of the day. People who know politics but can still tell me who the latest Hollywood break-ups are. People who have a wanderlust.

I love my little neighborhood because it's like a little global village. We live on the corner lot and only have one direct next door neighbor. When we moved in we were told that the next door house had also recently sold and when I saw the windows open and the gleam of newly stained hardwood floors I imagined all sorts of cool women I could befriend. When I was told that it was a gay couple my imagination went wild with thoughts of fabulous brunches and advice on hairstyles. Alas Don and BL are the the nicest yet most straightest gay couple I have ever met. *sigh* The closest that I've come to a fabulous brunch was the time I helped throw a shower when they adopted their second child. I've never received help with my hair but instead have had indepth conversations about school districts and academic standards. Both D's and my families like them and their adorable children although my mother-in-law says stuff like "I think the gays should have civil rights but not marriage because that's for normal people". I'm lucky that I didn't roll my eyes so hard that they permanently set in the back of my head. The notion that "normal" is based on what happens behind closed doors is lost on me but she's 75 so I'm willing to cut her slack. Besides, I stopped analyzing the ignorant stuff my inlaws say a long time ago. Anyway, back to neighbors, I couldn't ask for better neighbors. Now D wants to move further into white Suburbia and I'm terrified at the possibility of moving somewhere with a bunch of stepford wives. I don't wanna wear sensible khakis or sweater sets. The rare time I do cook something fancy it usually contains less than 5 ingredients. I don't have a cutesy dog that I dress up or a purse that costs more than my mortgage.

Anyway, I digress. Thanks again to my virtual neighbors.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Oh the movie never ends, it goes on and on and on

There's nothing better than taking a break from a late night of crunching numbers and listening to cheesy music. I wonder how D will react when he sees the receipt from iTunes for my purchase of Journey's Greatest Hits.

It's sorta like dating. I wonder if I'll regret it in the morning?

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

You're the one that I want

Sooooo tired. Halloween weekend wore me out. Saturday night I went over to my best friend's new house for a birthday get-together. It was nice just kickin back, renting a movie and having some good ol'girl talk. I got home early and quickly feel asleep. Sunday was Halloween trick-or-treatin in Wisconsin. It's kinda cool that the kids go to the same neighborhood that D did growing up. The kids got a boatload of candy which I tried to give away. Halloween Day they received even more as we took them around our neighborhood. This year they got plenty of the good stuff; Snickers, Hershey's, Butterfingers. The Boy prefers Skittles to chocolate which makes me think that some DNA testing is in order. The Girl will eat anything and everything associated with chocolate just like her mom.

Carving the pumpkin

Pumpkin guts!


I leave you with some pictures of my pirate and dracula.

Halloween Wisconsin Style

Just give us some candy!