Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Girl From Iponema

Greetings from Brazil where the weather is hot and the men are even hotter. Actually the weather's not that bad but my comparison wouldn't have had the same effect if I said the weather was mild. Anyhoo as I sit in my hotel room it's a little surreal because really it looks like any other room from any given business trip. It's not until I open my drapes and see the hussle of the city that I realize that I'm not in Kansas anymore. (For those who always take me literally please note that I'm not from Kansas. It's a quote from The Wizard of Oz). One full wall of my room is filled with a gigantic window that looks out onto Sao Paulo. Can't blog long as I want to explore the city before my first meeting but first a few observations:

  • The prettiest women here are the natural beauties. There are definitely surgically enhanced women but they don't hold a candle to the women with little to no makeup who wear jeans and a t-shirt.
  • The fashion for young women is bright colors and lots of skin.
  • The fashion for young men is the tighter the better.
  • Portuguese is my new favorite language of the moment. It sounds like a combination of Spanish and Italian.
  • Knowing how to speak Spanish paid off as I made my way from the airport to the hotel. The driver they sent to pick my up last night has lived here all his life and had great recommendations on places to go.
  • Watched T.V. as I went to bed. I'm fascinated by the Portuguese overdub of the audio.
  • What's up with the porn? I understand the hotel offers basic cable and it's "only" soft-core but geez, what if there were kids around? As I switched channels I wasn't expecting to go from CNN to BBC News to porn. *waves at Jay* I can't even say the word porn without thinking of Jay and a post he once did on his Japanese porn collection. *shudders at the memory* And NO. I'm not thinking of him in THAT way because *whispers* Jay's gay. shhhh. I'm not sure if anyone knows that.

OK. Off to explore. Bom dia mis amigos.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

I am just a cowboy lonesome on the trail

Since my blog looks so pretty I decided to write another post.

Here is a snapshot of my day which convinces me that I have Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder:
  • Review inbox for important work-related e-mail (Oh! Old Navy AND Pottery Barn are having a sale this week!)
  • Putz around Pandora..skip 1st 3 songs (not a good start)
  • Work, Work, Work
  • Think about what I should have for lunch (look at the clock.. 8:45am)
  • Spend 20 minutes talking to best friend about wedding plans.
  • YES! Cowboy Song by Thin Lizzy.
  • Plan out submitting expenses since March. (Don't actually do it but planning it is a start, right?)
  • Get a drink of water. Ponder eating the last banana which would mean trip to grocery store to replenish supply for kids. Decide against it.
  • Pet Chutney for 5 mins
  • Notice that space around your ass and formerly-spacious office chair is getting less and less
  • Change out of sweat pants and t-shirt you slept in and into sweat pants and t-shirt to work out in.
  • Spend 2 minutes gawking in mirror at how big your ass looks in sweat pants and t-shirt
  • Plan on having a salad for lunch
  • YES! Tomorrow People by Ziggy Marley.
  • Work, Work Work
  • Shakes fists at Pandora for it's selection of Kenny Rodgers greatest hits
  • Plan menu of dinner party that you've wanted to have for 2 years
  • Work, Work, Work
  • Brief IM conversation with friends
  • Get up and stretch. Go into Girl's room and measure if you'll be able to fit a small bed and crib. (Yes, if we get rid of changing table.)
  • Make plans to toilet train the Girl so we can get rid of changing table
  • Step on race car in hallway and nearly fall down stairs. Gather all miscellaneous toys that are not put away and put them in a basket with a note that says "FINDERS KEEPERS".
  • Sick of crappy selection from Pandora today. Put on a New Order CD as background filler
  • Work, Work Work
  • Make a sandwich and begrudgingly eat the last banana.
  • Work Work Work
  • Work WORK WORK (As you can see I hit a stride in the afternoon)
  • Talk to D on the phone to figure out who's picking up which kid
  • Frantically get the last bit of work done before picking up the girl.
  • Dinner
  • Dishes
  • Check work e-mail
  • Bath for the kids
  • Bedtime (D and I switch off every night between putting the Boy and Girl down)
  • Back in my office for work, work, work
  • Sleep and get 7 hours of sleep before it starts again

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Within the span of 4 weeks I'll be going to Brazil, California and Las Vegas all for work. My parents leave for India next week while I'm gone. Summer's not over yet but I'm already feeling the dread of facing another Chicago winter. Last December was spent in Kerala in warm weather and 6 square meals a day. This winter there's no respite in sight. I keep thinking that D and I should get away, even if for a weekend. Work for me is pretty crazy. Remember my semi micromanaging manager? She resigned to join a larger company. The client has asked that I take over the project and my supervisor has encouraged me to apply for a promotion. I'm hesitant and I haven't decided if it's because I don't want to added responsibility or because I'm afraid that I can't handle the added responsibility.

My camera is on the fritz. I think the Girl got sand in it when we went to the beach last week. I need a camera for Suemama's tag so that's have to be on hold a bit longer. I've been thinking about Sines and AB's tag. I've often wondered if and when my real life would meet up with my blogging life. Who would I want to meet? There are too many people to even mention. Basically everyone I link is on my love-to-meet list. Each one of those people wrote a post that touched me in some way weather it's through laughter or tears or just plain amazement in their writing ability. However, I would have to say that I'm completely in awe and fascinated by Meeta. I'm convinced she's a more organized and talented version of me and therefore would love to meet her to get advice.

Speaking of amazing, I received 2 amazing packages from bloggers over the last 2 weeks. I need the camera to do them justice but a big thank you Momma Pajama and my dearest Rat. Rat has inspired me to send out another round of Mint Love 2006 (aka the CD exchange). Thanks babe.

OK. I'll check in between my travels. Ciao!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Thank you

I have very few talents. I can name the title of any one-hit wonder from the 80's upon hearing the first 10 chords. I can put together a heartfelt present with a few photos, some ribbon, glitter and a gold marker. I can stop my kids from doing anything dead in their tracks by looking at them straight in the eyes and lowering my voice by 2 octaves. However, I didn't have one clue on how to make my blog look pretty. Luckily a kindly blogging angel had mercy on me and viola! I love it. Thanks Grrl.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The more I sort it out the more it gets distorted, I sort of think I'm better off just leaving it unsorted

Tagged by the lovely Cee Kay and Smugbug

I am thinking about…
Toronto in the Fall in a hotel overlooking the water.

I said…
"Chutney, I'm this close to selling you to the circus."

I want to…
join the rowing club in the city we live in. Unfortunately they row down the canal by the sewer plant and I'm pretty sure I'd vomit if the water got on me.

I wish…
I were more disciplined. I wish I lived up to the image my coworkers have of me. I wish I could speak 4 foreign languages fluently. I wish that I stopped to say hi to Jeff when I saw him 4 months before he died.

I hear…
the sound of the fan swooshing in my office, Chutney snoring, the kid across the street driving by with thump thump of his bass blasting.

I wonder…
what my kids will be when they grow up.

I regret…
nothing and everything

I am
a compulsive procrastinator.

I dance
like Beyonce on drugs.

I sing
The songs of my youth. Today it's Ask by The Smiths (Because if it's not Love then it's the bomb...that will bring us together)

I cry…
way too easily.

I am not always
as happy or as nice as people perceive me to be.

I make with my hands…
collages and scrapbooks with the photographs I take.

I write…
in journals for my kids. Sometimes I talk about the milestones they have reached. (For example the boy learned how to ride his bike with no training wheels last week). Sometimes I just tell them how much joy they bring to my lives. Most of the time I just ask them not to put me in a nursing home when they grow up.

I confuse
acquaintances and friends. I know a lot of people who I like and who in return like me. But there are only a handful of friends who I would take a bullet for and vice versa.

I need
6 more hours in the day OR someone to cook and do laundry.

1 tag down, 2 to go.